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Raspberry Pi as a Macro Camera

This post describes how to use the Raspberry Pi camera as a Macro camera. I use it to do control checks when soldering PCBs with very small components. It is very convenient since I get the picture directly on the

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Raspberry Pi as an Oscilloscope @ 10 MSPS

Finally today my article about making the Raspberry Pi to an oscilloscope was published in “The MagPi” issue 24 page 4-9 The article describes a Linux kernel module needed for the readout and gives a starting example how to

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Playing with the AT91SAM7S64 32bit ARM processor

After having worked with Arduino and Raspberry Pi here comes a project of building a own breakout board with an AT91SAM7S64 microprocessor from ATMEL. The project started in order to test PCB production for QFP packaged microprocessors. Most of the

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